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Engage student developers in projects and movement activities post-GSoC/ Outreachy completion
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This task is about engaging students developers (GSoC/Outreachy 2017) in projects and movement-wide activities.

Possible activities:

  • Invite them to become mentors in Google Code-in 2017
  • Invite them to become mentors in the Developer Workshop in India. See T183187 (ongoing).
  • Help interested developers for the workshop ( point above) in running a workshop track (not happening)
  • Invite them to apply to Wikimania 2018
  • Invite them to apply to Wikimedia Hackathon 2018
  • Invite them to co-mentor a project in GSoC / Outreachy 2018
  • Encourage them to spread the word about Wikimedia's participation in GSoC/ Outreachy 2018 in their university

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@EddyAfful: This is a sub-task of "Google Summer of Code 2017/Outreachy Round 14". Why was Google-Summer-of-Code (2018) (2018) added to this task?

Attempted at engaging students of GSoC 2017, Outreachy Round 14, and 15 by sharing with them opportunities to stay involved after the internship through Zulip.