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Show error message in prototype if not all versions have been selected
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  • When a user wants to save the resolution page, but did not select all versions of the conflict,

give a meaningful error message.

For details see mocks:
Case: User has not yet clicked on save.

Case: User clicked on save button, but had not selected all versions before

If "Please choose a version" is above the box, the rectangle is around it, too.
The first version does not include the scroll-to-message.

  • Remove the disabled save button we have right now


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I have two solutions for this. Some notes on this:
I would only recommend the greyed out save-button if we have a permanent info in red underneath, so the user can immediately see what's missing AND can also click to have missing paragraphs highlighted. If this is not possible I would go for the save-button which is clickable and then shows a warning plus the highlighted paragraphs.

Regarding the highlighting of the paragraphs I would also go for the "in-your-face"-version (the one with a red rectangle behind boths versions) if that's possible to implement because warnings should be easily visible.

greyed out save-button with decent highlighting:

clickable save-button with very visible highlighting:

Another attemp (not needed for the MVP but still shown) is to further highlight the selected version with an upgrading of the saturation of the frame.

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Change 405730 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew-WMDE; owner: Andrew-WMDE):
[mediawiki/extensions/TwoColConflict@master] [WIP] Show error message in prototype if not all versions have been selected

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[WIP] Show error message in prototype if not all versions have been selected

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