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Collect per node latency percentiles on our elasticsearch cirrus clusters
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Our elasticsearch clusters expose some metrics specific to our us, including per node latency percentiles. Those are not collected by the standard elasticsearch_exporter. We want to create a new custom exporter for those metrics.The prometheus-blazegraph-exporter can be used as an example / starting point. This exporter has no reason to be reused outside of our deployment, so deploying it directly with puppet is probably fine.

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metrics are now collected. @EBernhardson if you could have a look and validate that this is what you expected...

I put together a very basic attempt at a first dashboard:
The overall numbers look sane and roughly what is expected.

I suppose the :9109 in the instance names is a bit annoying, in that is makes the list of instances much longer. Really though there are too many instances to list and it needs to be further filtered (top-N?) anyways.

debt added a subscriber: debt.

Looks nice!