tagline update on an HEWP article
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It seems there is a piece of information, that as far I understood, pulls from Wikidata - which been removed from it 5 days ago, but still appears when people access the article from mobile.

I'm talking about the line\tagline after the name of the article, this html code:

<div class="tagline">גברא אלימא</div>

It's critical because the article is about a famous Rabbi in Israel, which one of his supporters published the phone numbers of some editors in HEWP (included me), and arguing his supporters to flood us by text messages calling us to remove this information (which was already been removed but from some reason still appear on the mobile version)

Itzike created this task.Dec 21 2017, 3:21 PM
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Apps people: I believe this is not the first time this happens and people are pretty upset. Please look into this. It seems the description is being cached for too long and can't be purged.

Is this a problem with the mobile version in the browser or the native Android app?