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Use display title of category in page footer (reflecting lower-intial per DISPLAYTITLE)
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Author: catlow

Can we have a magic word (or any other solution that works) which causes categories to be displayed exactly as they are written, or (depending on coding difficulty) exactly as their title is displayed on their own page? For example, one might input something like:


causing the categories listing to show "iPod" rather than "IPod".

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conrad.irwin wrote:

We already have


you could wrap this in a template (as is done on for htpp:// )

catlow wrote:

Maybe I haven't understood, but I don't think that works for making the category display lower case *on the pages placed in the category*. I know I can get Category:iPod to display as such on the category page, but I'm looking for a way of making it display as such on member pages too. Ideally it would happen automatically, but since I'm guessing that would lead to an unnecessary extra processing step (checking for DISPLAYTITLE on categories) on millions of pages, I would have thought some new magic word would be in order.

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