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broken interwikiprefix
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The follow prefixes are define in "interwiki map" with space or non-ASCII-Letter, but doesn't work, see URL:
*[[osi reference model:]]
*[[zzz wiki:]]

The follow prefix is define with underline and works:

(based on: and

Must the definition in [[meta:interwiki map]] are urlencode? In my opinion it is better, wenn the script can do this or MediaWiki can work without needing of urlencode in interwiki-table.

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Created attachment 7246
patch, to show what is the problem

The problem is, that the input from [[m:Interwiki map]] in is not normalized the same way as in Interwiki::fetch().

Interwiki::fetch use $wgContLang->lc(). use strtolower, this fails with mulitbytes, so the interwiki [[Ĉej:]] is not linked korrekt.

All datatables store the titlekeys with underscores, so spaces should replaced by underscores.


This patch looks good to me, but i have little experience in this area. Adding review keyword and setting to maintenance script category.

Looks fine to me, feel free to apply.