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Check data consistency across production shards
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Parent task to track the progress of checking and fixing data drifts across our production shards.

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I am pretty close to finish s1 (T162807), once that is done I will do a quick check for all the shards, specially those that were done long ago, before considering this ticket closed.

Marostegui updated the task description. (Show Details)

All the sections have been checked.
Some of them were checked quite sometime ago, so I am going to run some more checks before considering this resolved.

All the checks have been fine and all the sections are looking pretty consistent now.
As it has been said with every single section, it is impossible to be 100% confident that all and every single drift has been fixed, but after fixing hundreds of rows across all the servers across all the section, I believe we are in a much more better state than we were before and I am considering this done.