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[Recurring] Migrate an extension to use extension registration (extension.json)
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MediaWiki used to declare extensions in php files. Then MediaWiki 1.25 introduced a registration system based on a extension.json file. However, many extensions still haven't been migrated.

A list of extensions pending to be migrated is available.

For reference, some previous patches to fix extensions are linked from

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@Platonides: Do you plan to mentor this in Google-Code-in-2017? (Or someone else?) If yes, please add yourself to the list of mentors. Thanks!

I expect other developers would be interested on this as well, but I can help mentoring this (added).

@Aklapper : I cannot find this task on, should I add it there? I want to mentor this task.

Aklapper updated the task description. (Show Details)

Feel free to create such a task on the GCI site if you could still imagine to mentor this. :)