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"Error 503 Backend fetch failed" on
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Description shows Error 503 Backend fetch failed. If this pretty known tool is unmaintained, it can be great to show a better message.
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It is still maintained, at least by me when I notice it is down. It appeared that /var/log on ws-web filled up with lots of daemon.log.x files (9 GBs worth). I believe this caused the process to stop, and for it to not be able to restart.

I cleared out the logs, and restarted the service. I was confused with the /etc/init/wikistream.conf file appeared to have been removed, which I've used in the past to start/stop the service. Fortunately I had a copy in the github repo for the project to easily put it back. If anyone has any insight into why it was removed I'd be interested to hear it.

This is producing a 503 again.

I'm seeing a Varnish error at again. The backend on ws-web is working fine. I'm not quite sure what's going on upstream from the app. Can someone help?

Andrew claimed this task. seems up, for the moment at least.