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Inherited settings and access control for code repositories
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In Gerrit, projects can have parent projects, and they inherit their settings and ACLs from their parent project. This allows us to define rules like "for branches named wmf/*, only the deployers group should have approval rights" only once and have them apply to hundreds of projects. In Phabricator, we'll need something that accomplishes this kind of deduplication, though the approach could be different (it need not be inheritance, necessarily).

See also T183: Per-branch access control in code repositories



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Currently Gerrit-Migration is in the queue of Phabricator subprojects after Project-Management and Gitblit-Deprecate. If someone wants to work on this task, take it and assign the priority accordingly.

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phabricator commit hooks can be based on projects, so we can assign all the repos to a project and they will all follow the same commit hook rules (that is, any rule that checks for the requisite project would trigger for any repo linked to that project)