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Tag redirects from moves as new redirects
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With T73236, whenever a user creates a new redirect or replaces an existing non-redirect with a redirect, the edit is automatically tagged as a new redirect. Since moving a page creates a new redirect, it would be useful to also have redirects created as the result of moves tagged as new redirects as well.

Update: T291677 appears to have reintroduced this task.

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Change 407965 had a related patch set (by Matěj Suchánek) published:
[mediawiki/core@master] Tag redirects from moves as new redirects

Change 407965 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Tag redirects from moves as new redirects

It seems that T291677 has reintroduced the problem identified here.

I have reopened this task because it appears that redirects from moves are again not tagged as new redirects. The first affected move on the English Wikipedia was the move from Bjarne Hansen to Bjarne Hansen (art director) (and the redirect has since became a disambiguation page, but that doesn't matter).

I think Regression reports should be handled by new tasks.

Legoktm removed a project: Regression.
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Agreed, re-opening a task from 2018 that introduced said functionality and then tagging it as a regression doesn't make sense, please file a new task @GeoffreyT2000