Kenya - County Kakamega
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Dear Sir/Miss,

if you go to :
You can see the map (image) with the counties of Kenia. I'm working on i project and i only used this map to see the names of the counties.
I have another map imported in XAML code, so i just had to split the counties and name them (using the map with the names on from the url above)

What did i noticed ?
The county "Kakamega" isn't correct.
Normally it's bigger at the right-top corner.
Please check this and change it please.

I used to check it and there it's different like my XAML code is.
To give you a direct link to the write size of Megakaka use this url :

You may inform me if you changed it or if google was wrong XD.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Vincent S.

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