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Large number of broken 'pagelinks' on eswiki
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As per P6522 we have 500 links to fix, 497 were resolvable. I wonder if those pagelinks could be fixed by running screen mwscript namespaceDupes.php --wiki=eswiki --fix?

As for the pages, I guess we can simply delete those as conflicts.

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In order to verify if P6522 is resolved, I kindly request that the namespaceDupes.php script be run again first in dry-run, later with --fix and the output pasted here. If there are no further conflicts, this task can be closed as resolved.

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Ran again, see P6522#36749.


Wondering how to fix:

pagelinks from=1305891 ns=0 dbk=WP: *** INVALID
pagelinks from=4607546 ns=0 dbk=WP: *** INVALID
pagelinks from=583623 ns=0 dbk=WP::P *** INVALID

and what to do with all other links.