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Stacked charts don't respect order of axes
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Both stackedarea and stackedbar charts ignore order of y axes and because of that appearance of the chart can't be changed. And that leads to charts that could be found harder to understand or to read data from.

Here's a live example: It was tried to move y1 (green one) on the top of the chart, but without any effect. Try to edit order of y axes on this chart. It'll be unchanged afterall.

We need to examine why such a bug occurs and fix it.

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It's probably a feature. :)

The order of the stacking is actually controlled by the alphabetic order of the values of the y1Title, y2Title, y3Title, etc. You can simply prepend a numeral like 1 2 3 to the name of each title for an easy means of setting the stacking order. I've left a note in the documentation at to indicate the behaviour.

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I modified the Graph module to use the user-specified order (ie y1 goes before y2), rather than alphabetical order, and copied the changes to the version on Seems fixed.