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Special:Notifications page does not show Help Page Link
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Step of Reprodution

  • Install Echo Extension on local Machine Or go any wiki Where Echo Extension is Enable.
  • Open the Special:Notifications page.
  • Now you can see that There is no Help Page Link in Top.

notification.JPG (639×1 px, 60 KB)

But see the extensions\Echo\includes\special\SpecialNotifications.php

$this->addHelpLink( 'Help:Notifications/Special:Notifications' );

Here already link is define.

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Looks like this is broken in production too: . That's weird, I swear the help link used to there.

One of more thing is that help page link show for a while on the local machine. But when Special:Notifications page fetch notifications. then The help page link disappears.

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The help link is located under the cog menu.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.37.03.png (228×319 px, 21 KB)

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