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font-family="'font name'" and style="font-family:'font name'" does not work in SVG rendering
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If you use (quote and double-quote)

font-family="'font name'"

instead of

font-family="font name"


font-family='font name'

Wiki-Parser don't notice the correct font.
By default Inkscape adds ' ' if the font name has a space like in "Liberation Serif" or "DejaVu Sans" like style="font-family:'Bitstream Charter'"
Scour changes it to: font-family="'Bitstream Charter'" which doesn't help.

T184369.svg (filelink)
Rendered by Wiki-Parser:

Converted by Inkscape:


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Apparently an upstream bug in librsvg.

SVG 1.0 and 1.1 follow CSS2 and permits/requires quoting

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@Herald Why is it a Security bug? I think @238482n375 is spam?

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Herald is an automated process that has a rule that every not publicly visible ticket must be in Security.

This seems to be a Duplicate of T64987 as @Glrx linked above?

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Yes, close this as a dup of T64987.

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