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Ability to preview vector/re-rendered images in Special:Upload "warning" interstitial.
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Author: herd

This is related to bug 2537 and especially but not a duplicate (at least, not one in my opinion, and if it gets duped I will go have a cry).

I suggest a different approach to comment 12 in bug 2537 : Rather than re-generating the whole form like an edit does with the [preview] button, why not a checkbox like [x] preview (and this could be context-sensitive based on the file extension with javascript, no need to preview jpeg/png/etc). This would tap into the general warning interstitial page (seen for duplicate warning, file exists warning, deleted duplicate warning, large image warning), and show a (large resolution? maybe based on user prefs) preview of the rendered image, without requiring a reupload if the user chooses to save, but also not committing the user to a full upload just to test such an image (SVG in particular).

This would have great use with the images that are always rasterized/transformed for content, such as SVG, PDF, DJVU.

This is suggested as a first step towards a full history/diff/live-edit of SVG as vaguely hinted by
"Wikipedia users may soon get a way to view the revisions that people make offline to photos by flipping through previous versions of the images."

(And while this may not apply to SVG in particular, such a system would be pretty sweet. Especially since duplicating Wikimedia's rsvg setup is not easy, and there is no way to actually test against it without creating a permanent (even if deleted) revision to the image servers, wasting space. A gentle next step to this system would be a plain text entry field for raw SVG data previewing... )

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: enhancement



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herd wrote:

Update: working on this in theory with someone, some (rhetorical) questions:

Should the preview limit be an X * Y or area? We're probably gonna gonna try for a settable area, of 800 x 600: $wgUploadPreviewAreaLimit = 800*600 #.5 megapixel

Should this be regulated? $wgRateLimits? or create a (disableable via "$wgUploadPreviewLogging = true;" or such) log entry type "upload" action "preview" ? Is it not worth worrying about?

I'd just use the same size as is used on the image detail page...

Should this be regulated? $wgRateLimits? or create a (disableable via
"$wgUploadPreviewLogging = true;" or such) log entry type "upload" action
"preview" ? Is it not worth worrying about?

Some admins will surely want to disable it. I'd use a previewupload permission
rather than a configuration setting, though.

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