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"Special page" tab appears over namespace selection list
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Screenshot of Adam's dev install:

The same goes for the user name and other icons in the upper right corner

Expected behavior:
The dropdown overlaps everything else, until it is collapsed again.

To reproduce:
Open the namespace selection dropdown in a window that does not leave room for the dropdown to open below. It will then open above the box, but unfortunately below the beforementioned elements

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I've looked into this and it's more a problem of the Vector and monobook skins than a problem of AdvancedSearch or OO UI. In Vector, there are absolutely positioned elements like the tabs on the left and the navigation on the right and the main content is also positioned absolutely. The main content has a lower z-index than the navigation which means that all the elements it contains are shown "under" the navigation. I can give the popup menu a z-index of one million, it would still be shown below the navigation because the menu is a child of the content. Monobook is structured similarly. I've made an HTML/CSS demo that demonstrates the issue independently:

@Lea_WMDE: Please decide what to do next. I recommend escalating this issue to the WMF team that handles the design of Vector and monobook. I fear fiddling with the z-index of those themes is verboten, but maybe something can be done with the overflow property (to cut off content that is escaping the enclosure). But pondering the effects of CSS changes in the two main MediaWiki themes goes beyond my capability at the moment.

@Lea_WMDE Forget everything I've written. This is a known problem and it seems like OOJS UI already has a solution. The solution becomes a bit more complex than the "simple CSS change" we originally thought of, but I'll give the task another shot.

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Only reproducible on our test wiki. Please update the MediaWiki core and Vector skin, then check if the behavior still persists.

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Updated the test wiki to latest master and user-tested - now the menus don't overlap anymore.

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Tested with MonoBook on the test wiki - the overlap is fixed for Monobook as well (both on the left and right side parts of the top bar).

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