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Migration of from wmflabs to production
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If the pilot is successful, we will need to have a plan to migrate users and content.

Guidelines for pre-SSO usernames i.e. "user your Wikimedia username"?

If I am reading this thread correctly, usernames of local accounts used during the pilot would not be relevant in a migration to SSO because Discourse takes email address as the main user identifier. We should advise users to register with the same email address that they are using for their Wikimedia account, though. Correct?

Clarity about what will happen to the accounts and the content created during the pilot if we move to production.

This HowTo explains how to migrate a Discourse instance to a new server. It seems quite straightforward?

I guess the move to SSO should be done before, still in the pilot, to assure that that part works well. Testing migration to new server and SSO at once would be too much.

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I am a seasoned forum owner and user. Have used all php based forum software infact was doing my GSOC last year for phpBB.
I must admit that I am not a seasoned Rails dev but I can get by, I would definitely love to help with regards to this migration.
I actually wrote a YAML based migration tool for phpBB I felt I could be of some help if thats okay.

Hi @Bkybala9, thank you for your offer to help, but we have still a long way before we can start discussing this migration. See all the list of blocking tasks at T180853: Bring a discourse instance for technical questions to production .

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For what is worth, on my personal time and project, this month I had to migrate from one Discourse forum that broke (mea culpa) to a brand new one relying on a backup file. The process was seamless, almost magical. Create backup, create new Discourse instance in new server, send backup to new server, import backup... After 5 minutes everything was like before, including changed preferences and plugins.

The only thing that I had to adjust manually were some minor CSS customizations I had done in a theme.

(It'd be nice to have erased as that's likely spam. Sorry for the noise.)

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There are no active Discourse instances in Wikimedia currently ( and Space have been made read-only).
Hence boldly declining this task as there is no use case for Wikimedia currently.