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Bank name is not stored for memberships in cat17
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When using the cat17 skin while applying for a membership, the bank name is not being displayed on the confirmation page.


  • If the bank name can be determined it is being displayed on the confirmation page
  • If not, the bank name is not being displayed and there is no label for the empty value

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@kai.nissen Please decide what to do:

a) Remove the "Bank name" line from the donation and membership confirmation page templates. It's not used in the export and will be empty for non-German banks.
b) Fix the membership form templates to contain the bank name again when it's available (because it's nice and maybe even required for a proper German "SEPA-Lastschriftmandat").

The workaround already points in the right direction by not displaying a label when its field does not contain a value.

To reassure the users we should display that value in case we have it (should be the case for all German bank accounts).

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Due to T192921, I can't really test the second acceptance criteria. Accepting this anyway, since that AC was already fulfilled earlier and the related pull request doesn't seem to break this.

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