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Restore keyboard shortcut in the visual editor to the same one that's used in older editors
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As a power user, I really miss the normal access key for saving in VisualEditor. On the saving panel (opened with the Publish changes button), everything has an access key, except the two main actions, Cancel and Save: i for minor edit, w for watch and v for view changes. Save can be achieved only with Ctrl+Enter, which is quite inconvenient after, let’s say, Alt++I for making the edit as minor. Please add the usual s for saving the edit, as in the old editor.

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This is a very complex area, and I don't know which part of the workflow you're referring to. Are you talking about the keyboard shortcut that opens the save dialogue, or the keyboard shortcut that saves once that dialogue is open? What was the shortcut for you before before, and what is it now? What browser and operating system are you using?

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I’m using Firefox on Windows (OS shouldn’t have any impact, though). I’m speaking about the actual saving (which is where I can mark the edit as minor before), and as far as I remember, it used to work with Alt++S (in Firefox—I want the standard access key modifiers for every browser, so it would be ++S for Opera 12 if that would be supported now). It certainly works in the old editor (I use both often).

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I think this is just an uncaught duplicate of T121183? (And so, fixed.)

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It’s not a duplicate, at least not according to that task’s description, but it works for now. (It seems to be the same as the January 2018 bug mentioned there, so a89c79dc7907 may be the patch that fixed this.)

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