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Estimate how long a new Dashiki Layout for Qualtrics Survey data would take
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Currently, the CE team is working on slicing and dicing this data in Excel. After importing the Qualtrics data and analyzing how we can use out-of-the-box solutions to visualize it (like superset), we should estimate how much work a new Dashiki layout would be, and if it could serve Survey data in general, or if the needs of each survey are too specific to fit in a general layout.

The target audience for the project will be participating Foundation staff (currently 11 teams, departments and one cross department), but since the data is collected from Wikimedia communities, in line with our guiding principles, communities should have access to the results as well. The most relevant audiences will likely be Wikimedia affiliates.

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Ping @egalvezwmf can you add mocks and also the audiences for this tool?

@mcruzWMF Can you upload the screenshots? I was going to upload to commons but I wasn't sure if there are attributions needed for the pdf. Thanks!


@Nuria @Milimetric @egalvezwmf uploaded mock ups here!

Ok, thank you. Those are quite specific for this survey rather than being a generic "take" on how to display survey data. On our end we really to think about survey data rather than data for this specific survey thus if we take this project is pretty clear we would need to contract a designer for our work to have value beyond this specific use case.

@Nuria To some extent, this report interface should be how other teams are structuring and thinking about their survey projects. All survey projects have goals and audiences, so this information should be represented in the metadata for each question which is how the report is displayed.

However, I think you are right that we need to ask other possible stakeholders to figure out what a more holistic solution might look like. Who are the current stakeholders that you are thinking about? This would be important if we are looking to contract or get design support. Happy to discuss this in a meeting as well.


I think is probably worth doing some research into generic solutions for survey data visualizations that can be used more broadly, the wikistats design around data is not the best generic solution for -for example- exploratory survey's like this one:

Thanks @Nuria. I think adding a research component to the project next year would be a great idea. I'd like to start working on a rough roadmap for this work and what it might look like, so we have a clearer scope and milestones.

For the example you shared, I'm not seeing a big difference in the questions they are asking compared with the questions in CE Insights. Can you help me see what you were referring to? Thanks!

I think the goals and audiences are perhaps less clear. As I said on our end we would need to think a solution that fits many survey use cases not one, since surveys are a broadly used tool this days rather than inventing it is probably worth investigating other solutions.

Thanks @Nuria That makes sense to me and I can add it to the plan. @mcruzWMF and I talked about what this project might look like for next fiscal:

  • Part 1: speak with teams who are capturing and reporting survey, learning what tools they are using for reporting and learn about their needs.
  • Part 2: draft a roadmap based on what teams have shared, involving designers to support us through the design elements. During this phase, we can also start researching existing solutions that we can apply to this work.

I'm thinking we can set up monthly meetings starting next fiscal to work through these phases. How does this general direction sound to you? Do you have any other needs?

I will start working on a draft plan for all this and share with stakeholders and your team in the next couple of weeks.