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When the microsurvey tool displays collected data, consider protecting privacy by requiring a minimum number of responses to be shown
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T183947: Automatically collect some public information about survey respondents has some ideas about how to protect respondents' privacy when collecting useful information. However, at some smaller wikis, that's not going to be enough. For example, at most wikis, there will be only one or two accounts with more than 100,000 edits, or there may be only one or two accounts with a particular user right.

So when someone looks at the results (which should be easy for anyone to do), there should be some sort of automatic privacy protection, such as not displaying any results if fewer than, say, 5 data points would be shown. (The actual number would have to be determined; five is only an example.)

This means (using 5 as the dividing line):

  • If you want results from xxwiki, and only 4 users there have responded this survey, then you get nothing.
  • If you want results from xxwiki, and 10 users have responded, then you can see their responses. But you can't see the responses specifically for the two admins, or for the three accounts that were created this year, although you could see the six users with fewer than 100 edits.

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