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Badly introduced inline references do not throw a warning
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Badly introduced inlined references aren't detected and they don't produce a warning of any kind, which can be embarassing on large articles with lots of references, Wikipedia being a prime example.

Consider the following piece of wikitext:

This is my bold claim.ref>Some proof of my claim</ref>


Unlike a malformed named ref, which would trigger a very visible warning, nothing is reported in this case and the problem may very well go unnoticed in a very large article with tons of references. Please consider adding some check for a </ref> without a preceding <ref> to avoid this problem.

T123236 may be related to this problem.

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Sounds like a potential use case for Linter (someone correct me if that's out of scope).

Izno subscribed.

Yeah, this is more a thing for CHECKWIKI or for Linter, not for Cite. (I have no issue keeping it on the cite board.)