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Fix \ce grammar with macros above/below texts
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This seems to be a bug in the \ce grammar of texvcjs where a macro above or below an arrow will change how the right side of the equation is rendered.
Example: <chem>A + B ->[\mathrm{a}] C + D</chem> will render the right-side + wrong. This only occurs if \mathrm{a} is there (or \text{a}).

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Weirdly enough, this is not reset by opening a new \ce. I strongly suggest, each \ce starts its own grammar parsing.
Example: <math chem>\ce{A + B ->[\text{a}] C + D} \quad \ce{C + D}</math> Both ocurrences of C + D are rendered wrongly.

Physikerwelt triaged this task as High priority.
Physikerwelt removed a project: Math.