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Term Box Prototype
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Current story
In T126510 it was asked to have a solution for adding a language string to the term box, even if there is no other label, description or alias from this language entered yet. As of now, there is only a gadget to help this problem.
It was also asked for autonomous language selection not necessarily connected to the Babel box or geolocation.

Current Problem
The UX team built a prototype with instructions to be found here proposing a solution. We found out that a main issue with that prototype was the low level of complexity. This is due to fairly complicated processes of prototyping with design tools, which then on the other hand just offer high level layouts. We have a big gap to bridge expactations in that case.

Possible Solution
We think it is more useful to develope prototypes with the programmers. This helps on one hand figuring out possibilities and limitations technical wise and also raises understanding on boths side. Building the prototype in vue can be a great way of handling the task. To understand the complexity, needs and minimal needed features take a look here

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