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Include gerrit DB's "author_bot" field also in the gerrit_demo DB
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The gerrit_demo DB/index has no author_bot boolean field according to so on I cannot easily exclude accounts marked as bots from the stats by entering author_bot:false in the search field.

The gerrit DB/index does include an author_bot field. Could it be taken over?

Related to T151161 but not blocking it. Plus might get obsolete anyway if these DBs got merged when T151161 gets fixed.

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Aklapper created this task.

This might also get fixed by merging the gerrit_demo index into the gerrit index as a potential part of T151161.

T151161 has been worked on by Bitergia and this task works as expected: The new Community > Demographics panel accepts filters such as author_bot:true. Thanks, closing as fixed!