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Announce winners banner contest WLM 2017
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Did we write a blogpost already about this? I can't find it, but I guess it would make sense - even if it is a bit after the date. Atsirlin, would you be up for drafting one?

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Dear Leila and Lodewijk,

Please, see the draft here,Участник:Atsirlin/blog-WLM

We should wait 1-2 days to collect input of other organizers. On the other hand, it would be good if the post goes live on the first week of February, because it announces the Wikivoyage edit-a-thon taking place on February 1-28.

@Atsirlin Tx. Please help to ping again when the input collection is completed. I'll probably need 1 day to transfer it to wordpress.
Ping @m.hekmat : heads up.

Lodewijk, the text is ready

Thanks. I uploaded the text, slightly edited it (to make the style fit slightly better, and make it more accessible, interpunction, abbreviations etc). I'll email you the pdf. Will be published on 16:16, 31 jan UTC.

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