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Show banners only on specific Special: pages
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Specific Special: pages should have the ability to show CentralNotice banners, and only those pages. This would create an easier to way to reach out to users of specific tools or features, in order to make sure they're aware of upcoming changes or requests for feedback, but without creating information noise for everyone else.

E.g. Being able to create a banner that only shows at [[Special:DownloadAsPdf]] pages [as for T165956: Inform users about changes in PDF rendering service - print to PDF page]
E.g. Being able to create a banner that only shows at [[Special:Block]] pages, or [[Special:AbuseFilter]] pages, etc.

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@Johan Seems you've missed the tags. I guess this probably belongs to Wikimedia-Portals but not very sure.

@Kaartic I wasn't sure how to best tag it, so I created it and have pinged a couple of persons asking them to take a look at it. (:

@Kaartic: I don't see how this is related to Wikimedia-Portals as they are not Special: pages...

Is this a new feature for a wiki to use locally?
Similar to the watchlist notice used in some wikis like commons?
Is this about CentralNotice?

For the CentralNotice part, the banner were disabled on special pages to avoid the banner on sensitive pages like login or change password. This needs also to respect for a new feature.

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I've rewritten the task to hopefully make it clearer. @Johan please revert or correct if I've misunderstood or imperfectly-described anything.