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Deploy PageAssessments to German Wikipedia
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Their system appears to be similar to Russian Wikipedia's (see T184967). Only quality assessments, no apparent system of importance ratings or WikiProjects.

I have broken down the rating system to at least three types:

Just as with ruwiki, I think for this to work we'd need to pass in the article title to each template, and each template should transclude a meta template that contains the necessary parser function.

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I have emailed some WMDE friends about this. I want to know more about how their assessment system works.

MusikAnimal closed this task as Declined.EditedApr 24 2018, 8:34 PM
MusikAnimal moved this task from Product backlog to Archive on the Community-Tech board.

From the discussion I had with the folks at WMDE, it sounds like currently the German Wikipedia isn't a good fit for Page Assessments due to how their assessment practices work. Closing for now, please re-open if you want to explore more.