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apihelp-query+tags-paramvalue-prop-defined is confusing
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	"apihelp-query+tags-paramvalue-prop-defined": "Indicate whether the tag is defined.",

What does defined mean? Surely, but the fact they exist at all, they're defined?

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Reedy created this task.Jan 17 2018, 4:32 AM
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A tag can "exist" in three ways:

  • It's defined by core or by an extension (via the ListDefinedTags hook).
  • It's defined in the valid_tag database table (probably via being created on Special:Tags).
  • It's applied to some revision, log entry, or recentchanges entry.

Tags in the first two bullets will continue to show up in the list even if they're removed from every revision, log entry, and RC entry that uses them. Tags only listed due to the third bullet will disappear if all uses are removed.

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