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rack spare switches in c1-eqiad
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This can wait for the two spare ex4300 switches to arrive from T185029.

We would like to have all the spare switches racked and wired up for serial and mgmt. These will then sit idle, but online, so our network admins can keep their software in sync with the stack.

  • - rack ex4300-spare1-eqiad, ex4300-spare2-eqiad, qfx5100-spare1-eqiad, & qfx5100-spare2-eqiad in rack c1-eqiad. Advised rack at the top of the rack (using rackstuds) as they are lightweight and will need mgmt and serial, but no other connections. Wire up power.
  • - connect the serial port of each spare switch to a port on scs-c1-eqiad. Setup the scs console for each of the 4 new switch connections
  • - connect a single port on each spare switch to msw-c1-eqiad (non frack mgmt switch). Update this task on which switch port is connected to the mgmt switch.
  • - confirm serial works on each switch
  • - escalate this task to@ayounsi for him to update switch software as needed.

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If these would be more easily racked and attached to serial in a different rack (perhaps in a1 with scs-a1-eqiad) that is also fine, use your best judgement.

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These could be racked in any rack, including in row A. It would be useful to have a working lab out of our spares - this came up yesterday/today when we were wondering if we had QSFPs that were known to be working.

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