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Archive and drop the MobileOptionsTracking EventLogging MySQL table
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In T182235: Consolidate, simplify and cleanup data collection relating to Special:MobileOptions, Readers Web have removed all instrumentation relating to the MobileOptionsTracking schema and it's been marked as inactive.

We'd like to keep data collected before Thursday, 15th June 2017 (per T182235#3912456). AIUI the MySQL table can be dropped with impunity and the Hive table kept.

Event Timeline

Table to be scooped and removed from mysql.

fdans added a project: good first task.

This data is in hadoop in event_sanitized database, there might be some data in MySQL that predates hadoop and that would be archived to another mysql datastpore after mysql eventlogging deprecation. Please see:

Thanks, @Nuria and the Analytics Engineering team!