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Minerva skin: the icon and the counter for seen Alerts/Notices will not be displayed.
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  1. With the Vector skin, see the greyed out badges for Alerts and Notices and the counter having some numbers. That indicates that the notifications have been seen.
  1. Switch to Minerva skin - the bell icon without counter will briefly flash and disappear - see the screen recording.

The bell icon behavior should be consistent with the badges behavior - even if there are only seen notifications (or only read notifications) - the icon should communicate it users in every skin. Besides, even the icon without the counter will be a valuable link to Special:Notiifcations.

Note: Interestingly, Minerva skin displays notifications properly. In Minerva skin, see the notificaitons - the grey icon with the counter will be displayed. Re-load the page, the bell icon (without the counter) will be briefly displayed and disappear.