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Potential projects for wikimedia hackathon 2018
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The purpose of this task is to list all the potential projects that can be taken up at wikimedia hackthon 2018.

It's possible to track the same thing on it's parent tasks, but I found it a bit cluttered and am not sure how many of the sibling tasks are still valid. That's why, wanted a place where we can clearly list down tasks just for the upcoming hackathon.
Not sure if there exists a separate tag for this.

Please let me know if this is not the right way/ or there exists a better way for this.

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yashasvi created this task.

Hi Team,

I am aiming to attend the hackathon and it'd be great if you could help me figure out a potential project that I can pick up during the hackathon. I went through some of the tasks that were listed as potential projects some time back such as :
T76953: Add watchlist to app, T91981: Show an auto-generated article description when a user-contributed one is unavailable., T88364: Expose search through intent, T123652: [Hacking idea] Popup infobox populated from Wikidata. and T145813: [Epic] Make short descriptions editable. But I am still not sure what all items are still in priority.

Apart from the above, there are some other tasks that I am willing to take up in the hackathon (mostly Tech-Debt tasks) such as :
T166903: Replace Otto event bus, T145803: GalleryActivity and GalleryFragment should be remade, T158361: Identify memory hogs.

It'd be really helpful if I can get some help in finalizing what project should I pick in the hackthon.

Thanks for all your help !.

The workboard for the Hackathon is here: Wikimedia-Hackathon-2018
Please tag potential tasks with that project tag as necessary.

Of the tasks you listed, I would say T166903 would be the most useful, followed by T76953.

@Dbrant ,

Thanks for the information.

I see that T166903: Replace Otto event bus has already been picked up in the current sprint. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Regarding T76953: Add watchlist to app, I'll continue the discussion there itself.