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Increase quota for dwl
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Project Name: dwl
Type of quota increase requested: cpu/ram
Amount of quota increase: enough to create one xlarge instance
Reason: the existing bigram instance has too much load (all 8 cores at 100%) and we'd like to split that into two instances

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@Giftpflanze, please follow the instructions from Cloud-VPS (Quota-requests) to update the task description:

Project Name: <projectname>
Type of quota increase requested: <cpu/ram/instance count/floating ip>
Amount of quota increase: <Something like: enough create one large instance>
Reason: <Why is this quota increase required?>

It would probably be useful for you to explain why your link checker needs such a large amount of ram as well. Recent usage graphs do not seem to show the existing RAM being used by taxonbot.dwl.eqiad.wmflabs.

You're right, it seems that we don't need so much RAM at the moment. At least it was necessary in the past or otherwise the instance would be really slow. I think we could first try with an xlarge instance.

And also, the project is not used for link checking anymore but to host TaxonBot@dewiki (and other projects).

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I upped this quota, there are a lot of resources allocated here fyi. I added enough for an xlarge instance.