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list=logevents doesn't give block expiry time
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Author: matthew.britton

Below is a sample block log item from the API's list=logevents query:

<item logid="18622403" pageid="0" ns="2" title="User:" type="block" action="block" user="Persian Poet Gal" timestamp="2008-12-02T20:09:54Z" comment="[[WP:Vandalism|Vandalism]]: lots of recent activity, if this IP is shared see [[User:Persian Poet Gal/Unblock|this page]] to help lift this block"><block flags="anononly,nocreate" duration="1 month" />

It would be useful if it provided the block expiry time (inside the <block/> element) rather than having to work it out from the timestamp and duration fields.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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