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Netbox: add Icinga check for the website
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We should add an Icinga check for the Netbox service/website itself on the host(s) where it's installed.

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Volans triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 22 2018, 4:24 PM
Volans created this task.

Those are a good start, but if I'm not mistaken, all of them are local on the host, right?
I think we might need one for too, done from the Icinga host itself to check that the service is reachable, and potentially that has some data in it.
The last part might be a bit more difficult given that is behind a login, unless netbox expose a "check" URL where it makes some internal checks and expose the result.

The last check is from external. Actually we have that already:

487195 check_command check_https_url!!

Well, not the "content behind login" part, but the HTTPS URL and cert expirty part.

This would be resolved unless we say "content behind login" is a mandatory check. (We don't really do that for other services either yet)

Volans claimed this task.

Agreed on the meeting that for now the simple HTTP check is enough, given that we check that the uWSGI web app is running too.