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Undo doesn't work, if you switch to the visual mode
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Seen at enwiki:

  1. Find an edit you don't like.
  2. Click the undo button. You'll (probably) end up in the 2010 WikiEditor. Do NOT make any changes in the wikitext mode.
  3. Switch to the visual editor.
  4. Make another change. (If you don't, then the 'Publish changes' button will be grayed out.)
  5. Save changes. Note, with satisfaction, that the complicated default edit summary has been preserved.
  6. Discover that the reversion didn't happen. Everything that you wanted to revert is still on the page.

If you've gone through the above steps, an additional problem is that the next time you click on an undo link on the revision history page, you will default to VisualEditor. If you then switch back to Source editing, you're redirected to wiki/Main_Page?action=edit&veswitched=1&oldid=24 instead of w/index.php?title=Main_Page&action=edit&undoafter=23&undo=24 (the undo and undoafter params are lost), so you're editing the page rather than undoing a specific edit.

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@Whatamidoing-WMF I have been looking into this while working on T185548: Undo notification is not sent if the editor switches to the visual editor. I've updated the description of this task with an additional observation. If the user switches to Visual editing, is the intention that the user should still see the "The edit can be undone" text as well as the diff? If so, we might want to add that to the scope of this task or create a new one. Currently when you switch to VE, that information disappears.

Default source editing mode:

After switching to VE, the diff and contextual information is gone:

My assumption is that if you've defaulted to Visual editing, or if you switch from Source editing to Visual editing, you should see the Visual editing diff overlay rather than the "Source editing" style of presentation for the diff.