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Make links to self-redirects being easy distinguishable
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Sometimes there're situations that sub-topics of a long articles are in fact redirects to the long article. In the same time, links to these sub-topics are used in the main article - which is very misleading to the readers, since it seems like there was a separate article providing more information on sub-topic, but all users get is return to the top of the same article.

A real-life example:
click on "Rick Hunolt" in 2nd paragraph of History section. Whoops?

What I suggest is using another colour (not red and not blue) for such self-redirects - or perhaps treating these as self-links and making them black and not clickable.

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I'm afraid that the same code complexity applies as in bug 16561. :-/

Given example does not work anymore as article has been created in the meantime, but pretty sure this can still be seen.

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