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Linter extension should allow search results to be limited by a prefix: or titlepart .
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This is a feature or enhancement request.

"What's the limitation that you have come across?"

Currently the reports that the Linter extension generates as a Special:LintErrors or it's subpages, are a single mass set of results. For a site where the content is largely per page, this is reasonable...

However on some wikis (including Wikisource), subpages are used extensively. This means to identify all the pages of a particular group of pages and subpages where there are concerns means searching through the entire results set (which could be several hundred results at present). This is not necessarily an optimized workflow.

Also the Page: namespace (on wikis where Proofread page is installed) is (at present) typically implemented as Page:<name of work>/<pagenumber> which the Linter extensions seemingly treats as a single title for each Page, as opposed to grouping all the pages for a particular work

"What is the functionality you would like to see implemented?"

  1. Implement a search "filter" (as utilised on other Special:pages) so that the results can be trimmed down by a relevant prefix.
  2. Provide an appropriate UI component in the relevant Special:LintErrors pages to allow a contributor to specify the prefix to be used in limiting the results displayed for any given Linter concern/error..

Longer term, additional filters could be considered (such as limiting it by pages edited before/after certain dates, or solely by the contributor... much like the filters that can be applied to other Special: pages )

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I think this could be resolved reasonably by implementation of T177547: Add search support for linter errors.

I know that I have suggested in other locations that Linter errors be placed in actual WP Categories instead of on these very limited Special pages, but I can't locate those other suggestions right now. Categories would be helpful in resolving this sort of problem. The categories should probably be subdivided by namespace and linter error, something like 32 (namespaces) times 18 (linter error types) categories in total.

I would support Linter errors being provided via Hidden categories, based on error and namespace..