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Initial outreach: Reaching out universities
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Why universities?

Having in mind the low porcentage of awareness and usage in multiple countries, universities are a great place to find contributions because:

  1. Professors and students are more likely to know what Wikipedia is, and since MediaWiki stands as more hidden aspect of Wikimedia projects, we need people familiar with the most popular of our products to introduce them to other aspects of the movement.
  2. Students are more familiar with using digital interfaces, therefore are more likely to understand the translation process.
  3. Students are encouraged to learn English if they have not a good level of fluency already, making universities a great place to find people with at least an intermediate level of fluency.


Local universities first. If the strategy works out, expand it globally.

Forms of outreach

  1. Formal, indirect outreach: Contacting people involved in administrative matters of universities (public relations, directors of academic units). Talking to them about what this kind of extracurricular activity has to offer to their students (better reading comprehension, expansion of vocabulary, development of skills relevant to their future careers [translation, reading documentation, team work]). Highlighting social impact (as open knowledge). Asking them to help promote technical translations among the academic community in mailing lists, university's newspaper, etc.
  2. Informal, direct outreach: Talking to students. Promoting technical translations in social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, with the help of student unions, athletic associations, etc. Highlighting positive aspects of volunteering as a translator: easy paced workflow, being capable of doing it from home.

Designations of my role

  1. Creating educational materials about technical translation and use them to promote the activity.
  2. Being the bridge between newcomers and the Wikimedia movement, providing them relevant and useful information, good resources, tips.
  3. Helping newcomers to create translation teams to make this a fun and social activity and to create a more solid technical translators' community.
  4. Convincing universities to let students use contributions to Wikimedia projects as extracurricular activities.

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