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Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #7
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Information regarding upcoming meeting

NOTE: For last meeting and minutes, see here:

When: 8th June 2018
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm UTC
Where: #wikimedia-dev-africa on Freenode
Hosts: @rosalieper

Meeting Agenda

  • Short interaction with new members of AWMD and their experiences.
  • Volunteer Members of different communities should join Africa-Wikimedia-Developers project on phab as members and/or watchers to track activities and take part in solving bugs :). This should be lead by country leads.
  • Thinking of hosting a small / mini online space hackathon to solve issues on various MW extensions next weekends. Hashtag: #awmd-hack, for developers to make at least 1 contribution into any WM project code base.

Meeting Logs

12018-06-08 16:00:02 <r054l13> Hello here!
22018-06-08 16:02:27 <africanhope> r054l13: hi
32018-06-08 16:02:31 <africanhope> How you doing?
42018-06-08 16:02:42 <r054l13> I am fine and you?
52018-06-08 16:03:00 <africanhope> r054l13: Doing great by the grace of God
62018-06-08 16:03:18 <r054l13> Nice
72018-06-08 16:03:21 <africanhope> I am on time, this time
82018-06-08 16:03:39 <africanhope> Sorry I missed the other monthly meeting
92018-06-08 16:03:42 <r054l13> yea :)
102018-06-08 16:03:48 <r054l13> IT's fine
112018-06-08 16:04:11 <r054l13> maybe we should give some time for the others to join
122018-06-08 16:04:17 <africanhope> Sure
132018-06-08 16:04:18 <r054l13> like say 10 mins?
142018-06-08 16:04:29 <africanhope> sounds good
152018-06-08 16:04:44 <africanhope> opentechno: are you around?
162018-06-08 16:07:13 <opentechno> africanhope: yes
172018-06-08 16:07:46 <opentechno> africanhope: I am here
182018-06-08 16:07:49 <africanhope> nice, which IRC client are you using?
192018-06-08 16:08:16 <opentechno> africanhope:
202018-06-08 16:09:03 <africanhope> opentechno: Ah ok maybe I could recommend it to one of our compatriots trying to join the channel
212018-06-08 16:09:23 ** mukaram joined channel
222018-06-08 16:09:28 <mukaram> Hello
232018-06-08 16:09:46 <africanhope> well isn't a client but I got it
242018-06-08 16:10:22 <r054l13> mukaram: Hello
252018-06-08 16:10:25 <africanhope> mukaram: welcome
262018-06-08 16:10:42 <opentechno> africanhope: What is it?
272018-06-08 16:11:22 <africanhope> the server to which your IRC client connects
282018-06-08 16:11:22 <opentechno> africanhope: What is it(
292018-06-08 16:11:38 <r054l13> mukaram: never seen you around before can you please give a small intro about yourself?
302018-06-08 16:11:38 <africanhope> Are you using Linux?
312018-06-08 16:13:12 <opentechno> africanhope: what is the name of the client that we use?
322018-06-08 16:14:14 <africanhope> opentechno: I will get back to you on that later. I will let r054l13 shepherd the meeting.
332018-06-08 16:14:16 <opentechno> africanhope: is it "#wikimedia-dev-africa"?
342018-06-08 16:15:11 <africanhope> mukaram: are you still there?
352018-06-08 16:15:49 <r054l13> opentechno: #wikimedia-dev-africa is a channel
362018-06-08 16:16:15 <r054l13> seems mukaram will reply later
372018-06-08 16:16:30 ** mukaram has quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
382018-06-08 16:16:33 <africanhope> r054l13: mukaram and opentechno: are from Cote d'Ivoire. Since you notified us of the upcoming meeting quite early, the local community had more time to be reminded.
392018-06-08 16:16:54 <r054l13> africanhope: Great, I am glad
402018-06-08 16:17:07 <africanhope> r054l13: hope more will join us
412018-06-08 16:17:12 ** mukaram joined channel
422018-06-08 16:17:23 <mukaram> Hi again. I am Mukaram Ahipeau, active member of awmd at the Ivory Coast
432018-06-08 16:17:49 <r054l13> I was hoping Felix and Derick would be with us to day but well I will try to reach out to them and remind them
442018-06-08 16:18:10 <r054l13> mukaram: You are very much welcome.
452018-06-08 16:19:02 <r054l13> One objective of this meeting is for us to hear from the new guys
462018-06-08 16:19:12 <mukaram> How are you?
472018-06-08 16:19:23 <r054l13> mukaram: I am fine and U?
482018-06-08 16:19:49 <r054l13> So this is the agenda of the meeting
492018-06-08 16:20:16 <africanhope> r054l13: ok, will help take some notes
502018-06-08 16:20:37 <r054l13> africanhope: OOh that will be very helpful. Thank you
512018-06-08 16:21:03 <r054l13> some times I have to finish the meeting then read through the logs to make the notes :(
522018-06-08 16:21:45 <r054l13> looking at the first point,
532018-06-08 16:22:35 <africanhope> r054l13: ohh that's unfair
542018-06-08 16:22:43 <r054l13> I have a few question for mukaram and opentechno. Please
552018-06-08 16:23:05 <opentechno> r054l13: I listen you
562018-06-08 16:23:08 <r054l13> africanhope: haha, well it happends at times
572018-06-08 16:23:58 <africanhope> this time we'll make this meeting a fairer place :)
582018-06-08 16:24:04 <mukaram> Yes
592018-06-08 16:24:20 <africanhope> So please go ahead with your questions towards new comers
602018-06-08 16:24:33 <r054l13> ok opentechno can You please tell us more about yourself please(Like, when you joined AWMD, how is the experience in the community for you)
612018-06-08 16:25:01 <r054l13> the mukaram you will also share your experience
622018-06-08 16:25:22 <r054l13> opentechno: you have the floor
632018-06-08 16:25:30 <r054l13> then*
642018-06-08 16:27:30 <r054l13> Please it may not be too long :-)
652018-06-08 16:29:48 <r054l13> opentechno: are you still there?
662018-06-08 16:30:14 <opentechno> networking and skills news develop
672018-06-08 16:31:16 <opentechno> r054l13: networking, skills news develop in programming also English
682018-06-08 16:31:46 <mukaram> I hope to contribute and work on more projects to improve myself. Let's say I expect a lot of AWMD as a developer
692018-06-08 16:31:46 <mukaram> And on the project noun-uploader this has pushed me to discover Node Js technology and everything.
702018-06-08 16:31:46 <mukaram> I had never worked on git and commit, push, pull .... What is now the case I know better the advantage of a dev to work via github.
712018-06-08 16:31:46 <mukaram> Ah okay halfway I would say that my experience with awmd is very good, rubbing samuel brings me a lot in terms of learning as a developer.
722018-06-08 16:32:48 <r054l13> Great I am happing you guys are learning
732018-06-08 16:33:53 <r054l13> So I guess the experience Is amazing
742018-06-08 16:34:11 <r054l13> what are your key expectations from AWMD?
752018-06-08 16:34:16 <opentechno> r054l13: of course
762018-06-08 16:34:34 <r054l13> opentechno: :D
772018-06-08 16:35:53 <r054l13> what are your key expectations from AWMD?
782018-06-08 16:38:32 <opentechno> r054l13: live meetings, session coding live to improve our skills, hackathon day of 48 hours to work on the project, tracking and report members
792018-06-08 16:38:43 <mukaram> In terms of waiting I would like to work on more projects in teams with devs from other countries. That all the dev of the communities have the chance to work on projects whatever their level of knowledge. And that it is more events, AWMD conferences to promote maximun the technology and the spirit mediawiki
802018-06-08 16:40:37 <r054l13> I like the idea of Live meetings, if we organise one I hope you all will be present :). I will really like to see you guys. haha
812018-06-08 16:41:11 <r054l13> opentechno: those are all great ideas, thanks for replying
822018-06-08 16:41:41 <r054l13> mukaram: I also, like your idea of small projects in teams
832018-06-08 16:42:16 <mukaram> Yes Yes
842018-06-08 16:42:59 <r054l13> mukaram: AWMD Conferences!!! You think big :D. Its a good idea as well Thanks for sharring
852018-06-08 16:43:16 <mukaram> Yes it will help us a lot to improve
862018-06-08 16:43:36 <r054l13> Yea in deed.
872018-06-08 16:43:37 <africanhope> Some superb ideas that were written down successfully.
882018-06-08 16:43:43 <africanhope> :)
892018-06-08 16:43:56 <r054l13> africanhope: Thank you very much.
902018-06-08 16:44:12 <r054l13> I am really enjoying the meeting of today :)
912018-06-08 16:44:29 <africanhope> ahah don't tell me about it
922018-06-08 16:44:34 <r054l13> Guys another question please
932018-06-08 16:44:47 <r054l13> africanhope: haha
942018-06-08 16:44:49 <opentechno> r054l13: why not hackathon day to fix the bugs with a reward
952018-06-08 16:45:22 <r054l13> :-0 oh great one
962018-06-08 16:45:28 <mukaram> We need a live conference or we can exchange between each awmd member of various community and give good guidance, share ideas to better move awmd movement
972018-06-08 16:45:33 <opentechno> r054l13: for the best team
982018-06-08 16:46:01 <r054l13> mukaram: yea true
992018-06-08 16:46:10 <r054l13> opentechno: yea I understand
1002018-06-08 16:46:43 <r054l13> opentechno: Please could you tell us what is your greates challenge so far in the community and in Contributing?
1012018-06-08 16:47:37 <opentechno> r054l13: also a annual program of all activities we should organized
1022018-06-08 16:49:00 <r054l13> opentechno: It will be a good idea for country leads to discuss all this ideas.
1032018-06-08 16:49:09 <r054l13> Thanks once more
1042018-06-08 16:49:22 <r054l13> PLease could you answer this?
1052018-06-08 16:49:26 <r054l13> opentechno: Please could you tell us what is your greates challenge so far in the community and in Contributing?
1062018-06-08 16:53:18 <africanhope> Wow is it my browser or did someone just translate the minutes into French?
1072018-06-08 16:53:19 <opentechno> r054l13: my improve of the language English and my first bug fix for moment
1082018-06-08 16:55:14 <africanhope> Who vandalized the minutes? lol
1092018-06-08 16:55:18 <r054l13> africanhope: :-0
1102018-06-08 16:55:39 <r054l13> I just checked it, it was translated indeed
1112018-06-08 16:56:17 <r054l13> opentechno: I mean what are your difficulties
1122018-06-08 16:56:24 <africanhope> :) this is probably one of my fellow compatriots
1132018-06-08 16:56:33 <r054l13> :)
1142018-06-08 16:59:20 <r054l13> mukaram: are you still arround?
1152018-06-08 17:00:27 <opentechno> r054l13: the difficulties that I meet is it? at what about?
1162018-06-08 17:01:36 <r054l13> yes
1172018-06-08 17:02:18 <opentechno> r054l13: At what about precisely?
1182018-06-08 17:02:57 <r054l13> In Contributing and around AWMD
1192018-06-08 17:03:05 <r054l13> if there is any ofcourse
1202018-06-08 17:04:32 <opentechno> r054l13: I do not find the easy tasks(bug) to do
1212018-06-08 17:06:01 <r054l13> ok, So you need help on getting simple tasks to get started
1222018-06-08 17:06:21 <africanhope> (Vandal of the minutes has been found, edits were reverted and the minutes are safe now. Houston we are clear.)
1232018-06-08 17:06:30 <opentechno> r054l13: because I am beginner in programmation
1242018-06-08 17:06:39 <r054l13> africanhope: YAY!!
1252018-06-08 17:06:59 <r054l13> opentechno: I understand
1262018-06-08 17:07:02 <mukaram> Yes
1272018-06-08 17:07:51 <r054l13> mukaram: Can you tell us what difficulties you usualy encounter? please
1282018-06-08 17:08:07 <opentechno> r054l13: Also I improve me by "africanhope"
1292018-06-08 17:08:57 <r054l13> Great!, I know he is doing a great job there. :)
1302018-06-08 17:08:58 <opentechno> r054l13: that I thank very much for support
1312018-06-08 17:09:22 <r054l13> :D
1322018-06-08 17:09:52 <r054l13> mukaram: are you still with us?
1332018-06-08 17:11:37 <mukaram> Yes
1342018-06-08 17:11:54 <r054l13> mukaram: Can you tell us what difficulties you usualy encounter? please
1352018-06-08 17:12:29 <opentechno> r054l13: Yes, I need help to get simple tasks mostly with the programming language Python
1362018-06-08 17:13:11 <r054l13> ok
1372018-06-08 17:13:18 <africanhope> r054l13: indeed opentechno has a particular interest for Python programming
1382018-06-08 17:13:39 <r054l13> Ok we have just 15 minutes left so let go to the next point
1392018-06-08 17:13:50 <opentechno> r054l13:It's my speciality futur like programming language
1402018-06-08 17:14:17 ** Slyonline joined channel
1412018-06-08 17:14:27 <r054l13> Ok, we will get you simple tasks
1422018-06-08 17:14:39 <r054l13> Hello Slyonline
1432018-06-08 17:14:44 <r054l13> Welcome
1442018-06-08 17:15:01 <opentechno> r054l13: Thank you very much
1452018-06-08 17:15:15 <r054l13> next point: Volunteer Members of different communities should join Africa-Wikimedia-Developers project on phab as members and/or watchers to track activities and take part in solving bugs :). This should be lead by country leads.
1462018-06-08 17:15:22 <mukaram> Welcome Sylvain
1472018-06-08 17:15:24 <africanhope> Slyonline: welcome
1482018-06-08 17:16:18 <Slyonline> Thanks and sorry
1492018-06-08 17:16:25 <opentechno> Slyonline: are you here?
1502018-06-08 17:16:29 <Slyonline> i'm late
1512018-06-08 17:16:40 <r054l13> Please is there anyone who has not join africa-Wikimedia-Developers on phabricator
1522018-06-08 17:17:12 <Slyonline> yes @opentechno , i'm there
1532018-06-08 17:17:26 <africanhope> Slyonline: no worries, better late than never they say
1542018-06-08 17:17:45 <africanhope> r054l13: Slyonline is another fellow from CIV
1552018-06-08 17:18:54 <r054l13> Sorry was replying a mail
1562018-06-08 17:19:02 <r054l13> africanhope: Cool :)
1572018-06-08 17:19:48 <r054l13> Slyonline: can you please introduce yourselve?
1582018-06-08 17:20:22 <Slyonline> Ok!
1592018-06-08 17:20:48 <Slyonline> I'm Sylvain DJAVA , i'm from Cote d'ivoire -Abidjan
1602018-06-08 17:22:01 <r054l13> you are welcome
1612018-06-08 17:22:22 <Slyonline> Thank's
1622018-06-08 17:22:43 <r054l13> You will just have to read through the longs on what we did before you came
1632018-06-08 17:23:01 <r054l13> Coming back to where we left guys
1642018-06-08 17:23:10 <r054l13> Please is there anyone who has not join africa-Wikimedia-Developers on phabricator
1652018-06-08 17:24:02 <africanhope> opentechno, mukaram and slyonline have already joined the Phab group
1662018-06-08 17:24:51 <r054l13> Ok then we can move on
1672018-06-08 17:25:00 <r054l13> africanhope: Thanks for replying
1682018-06-08 17:25:30 <r054l13> Thinking of hosting a small / mini online space hackathon to solve issues on various MW extensions next weekends. Hashtag: #awmd-hack, for developers to make at least 1 contribution into any WM project code base.
1692018-06-08 17:26:22 <r054l13> I think opentechno mentioned something like that
1702018-06-08 17:26:54 <africanhope> r054l13: Indeed, and that would be a nice idea. May I suggest to choose a date that will give enough time to notify and engage as much individuals as possible.
1712018-06-08 17:28:13 <r054l13> africanhope: YeaH that is a good point as well
1722018-06-08 17:29:04 <r054l13> So as for me I got nothing more to add
1732018-06-08 17:30:05 <opentechno> same to you
1742018-06-08 17:30:25 <r054l13> with that said we can say the meeting is over
1752018-06-08 17:30:42 <r054l13> if ofcourse no one has something to say as well or add
1762018-06-08 17:30:47 <opentechno> let's go point next
1772018-06-08 17:30:59 <africanhope> sure
1782018-06-08 17:31:00 <r054l13> opentechno: The points are finish
1792018-06-08 17:31:17 <r054l13> so the meeting got to end for now :)
1802018-06-08 17:31:43 <r054l13> Thank you all for being part and mostly for all your amazing contributions
1812018-06-08 17:31:49 <Slyonline> is there a report of the meeting?
1822018-06-08 17:32:01 ** bam_ joined channel
1832018-06-08 17:32:01 <africanhope> Yes, right there
1842018-06-08 17:32:02 <r054l13> africanhope: Thank you for helping with notes
1852018-06-08 17:32:02 <africanhope> nice, one last recommendation would be to
1862018-06-08 17:32:09 <africanhope>
1872018-06-08 17:32:11 <r054l13> Slyonline: Yes
1882018-06-08 17:32:12 <bam_> Hi!
1892018-06-08 17:32:17 <r054l13> Hi bam_
1902018-06-08 17:32:27 <africanhope> bam_: Hello mate
1912018-06-08 17:32:27 <bam_> I was mistaken by the chanel
1922018-06-08 17:32:33 <Slyonline> OK! Good
1932018-06-08 17:32:39 <bam_> hi r054l13\
1942018-06-08 17:32:45 <r054l13> Slyonline: check the link africanhope sent
1952018-06-08 17:33:00 <africanhope> I am moving to another meeting right now, take care everyone!
1962018-06-08 17:33:03 <Slyonline> ok i check it
1972018-06-08 17:33:04 <bam_> Hi africanhope
1982018-06-08 17:33:07 <r054l13> bam_: we are glad you finaly made it
1992018-06-08 17:33:13 <africanhope> r054l13: You did great, once again :)
2002018-06-08 17:33:24 <r054l13> africanhope: Ok hope you enjoy the next meeting you have
2012018-06-08 17:33:31 <r054l13> africanhope: Thanks :)
2022018-06-08 17:33:40 ** africanhope has quit:
2032018-06-08 17:33:47 <opentechno> r054l13: okay, I seen it in the desciption
2042018-06-08 17:34:01 <r054l13> bam_:
2052018-06-08 17:34:28 <bam_> already there
2062018-06-08 17:34:31 <r054l13> You can have a look at the minutes, The meeting today was very interesting
2072018-06-08 17:34:38 <r054l13> bam_: cool :)
2082018-06-08 17:35:25 <opentechno> r054l13: great job and thank you very much
2092018-06-08 17:36:03 <r054l13> opentechno: Thank you too
2102018-06-08 17:36:48 <opentechno> r054l13: you assuranced
2112018-06-08 17:37:32 <bam_> r054l13: you're doing great for the community. Thank you indeed!
2122018-06-08 17:37:54 <opentechno> r054l13: you are a leader great
2132018-06-08 17:38:29 <r054l13> bam_: We are all doing great :) Thank you too
2142018-06-08 17:39:08 <r054l13> opentechno: Aww! I am blushing. hahaha. Thanks
2152018-06-08 17:39:34 <r054l13> Hope to have you guys around always or atleast often
2162018-06-08 17:40:21 <opentechno> everybody, have a nice day, see you soon
2172018-06-08 17:40:29 <r054l13> see you soon
2182018-06-08 17:40:47 <bam_> Is there anyone here ready for Wikimedia Technical Conference
2192018-06-08 17:41:06 <r054l13> when is that?
2202018-06-08 17:41:09 <opentechno> bam_: me
2212018-06-08 17:41:34 <bam_> so that we can support?
2222018-06-08 17:41:42 <opentechno> bam_: when and where?
2232018-06-08 17:42:22 <opentechno> bam_: introduce yourself, please?
2242018-06-08 17:42:26 <bam_> October 22–25, 2018 — Portland, Oregon
2252018-06-08 17:42:40 <bam_> dev from the drcongo
2262018-06-08 17:43:14 <bam_> free software and free culture enthusiast
2272018-06-08 17:43:38 <bam_> leader of wikimedians of the drc
2282018-06-08 17:43:47 <opentechno> bam_: cool
2292018-06-08 17:44:00 <opentechno> bam_: me too
2302018-06-08 17:44:29 <r054l13> bam_: I will be glad to contribute
2312018-06-08 17:44:30 <opentechno> bam_: I work with free technologies and open source
2322018-06-08 17:45:19 <bam_> I dont know how you didnt read the mail on the mailing list
2332018-06-08 17:45:37 <bam_> it was send by Egbe Eugene
2342018-06-08 17:46:20 <r054l13> Oh I have been very busy This days
2352018-06-08 17:46:31 <r054l13> surely overlooked the mail :(
2362018-06-08 17:46:37 <r054l13> will check it out
2372018-06-08 17:46:43 <r054l13> Thanks for mentioning
2382018-06-08 17:47:12 <r054l13> bam_: DO the offer scholarship for volunteers
2392018-06-08 17:47:23 <bam_> I'd like to see one of us attending that conf.
2402018-06-08 17:47:23 <r054l13> Scholarship to attend?
2412018-06-08 17:47:37 <bam_> do check nomination process
2422018-06-08 17:48:20 <r054l13> ok thank you
2432018-06-08 17:48:25 <bam_> My wish is to point someone of us and all of us vote
2442018-06-08 17:48:36 <bam_> for him
2452018-06-08 17:48:45 <bam_> we can still continue via email
2462018-06-08 17:48:53 <r054l13> Ok
2472018-06-08 17:49:10 <r054l13> I will send an email concerning that as a reminder
2482018-06-08 17:49:14 ** Slyonline has quit:
2492018-06-08 17:49:47 <r054l13> You can point your idea as well via email. feel free to
2502018-06-08 17:52:01 <opentechno> r054l13: please, introduce yourself?
2512018-06-08 17:53:10 <bam_> is there anything elseM
2522018-06-08 17:53:13 <bam_> else?
2532018-06-08 17:55:27 <opentechno> bam_: no
2542018-06-08 17:55:33 <r054l13> opentechno: I am an active volunteer contributor just like you and a member of the AWMD core team also a member of the Code of conduct comittee(CoC)
2552018-06-08 17:55:54 <bam_> nice to have discussed with you. Do well and don't hesitate to ask for help or propose something on the mailing list
2562018-06-08 17:56:14 <r054l13> In case you may be wandering, I am Rosalie, from Cameroon
2572018-06-08 17:57:35 <opentechno> r054l13: cool
2582018-06-08 17:57:48 <opentechno> bye bye
2592018-06-08 17:57:51 ** opentechno has quit: Quit: leaving
2602018-06-08 17:57:58 <bam_> bye. enjoy your evening

Meeting Minutes