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Unable to copy selected query results with keyboard
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  1. Select some text from the query results.
  2. Try to add the selected information to your clipboard by using your keyboard (CTRL + C or CMD + C).
  3. Notice that the information hasn't been added to the clipboard.

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Ah, that would’ve been caused by this change, I assume, which lets you copy the currently selected (with arrow keys) cell without selecting anything with your mouse… I guess we should disable that behavior if there’s an actual text selection?

Hm, I can’t actually completely reproduce this. If I run the query and then immediately select some text from the results, then there is no selected cell, and our custom selection code doesn’t happen, so the normal copying works. And if I first select some cell by clicking on it, and then select some text and type Ctrl+C, then the full text of the cell is copied, which isn’t ideal, but also doesn’t quite match the described bug.

@Sjoerddebruin on what kind of results did you experience this?

Change 406571 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE); owner: Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE)):
[wikidata/query/gui@master] Don’t copy cell contents if there is a selection

I shouldn't fill bugs on a lazy Sunday. It doesn't work for item ID's (the ones that come with the magnifying glass for the explorer feature). But it seems you already found something.

Strange, for me it copies “ wd:Q1234” for those. (Tested in Firefox, Chromium and GNOME Web.)

Hm, it seems like the behaviour only activates if you double-click somewhere in the results and then try to copy some of the content. I'm one of those users who occasionally double-click for some weird reason.

Change 406571 merged by jenkins-bot:
[wikidata/query/gui@master] Don’t copy cell contents if there is a selection