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reconfigure esams switch port for new bastion
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I need a switch port configuration change in esams to be able to continue on T184936 to install a new bastion server there.

I want to re-use the server (formerly) called "amslvs4" which is in the same rack OE12 and of same hardware type (R 410).

Renamed management interface: amslvs4(.mgmt) to bast3003(.mgmt) (

Updated the MAC address (a4:ba:db:38:e4:cb;) in DHCP (

Racktables object:

location: esams, row OE, OE12 @ 13, Dell PowerEdge R 410

Please find the switch port this is connected to and reconfigure it to the public VLAN, so that it matches the config of bast3002 which is in the same rack right below it.

I want to reinstall it in as Thanks!

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We don't know the switch port this was connected to and it's already disabled. So it wasn't possible for ayounsi to do this from remote.

Also see original decom task T87790

Looks like we need to physically trace the cable next.

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This was solved by fixing the original bastion, a while ago.