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Scap sync-file: allow to sync multiple files in different directories
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The use case is for example when there are multiple configuration files and/or dblists to sync at the same time and are not worth a full scap pull.

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thcipriani added a subscriber: thcipriani.

Syncing multiple files in different directories can be done via scap sync, so there is a workaround. It is kinda sorta implemented for sync-file but it isn't currently available via the scap cli due to the handling of the message for SAL. i.e., when do file names stop and when do messages for SAL begin? We could check that all the files up for sync are files, but what if someone mistypes a filename and then scap syncs one file and misses the others: seems tricky to implement. Anyway, not a big deal to change, could be done.

Aside from changes to the command line interface, which are doable but would move a lot of folks's cheese, file sync depends on rsync --delay-update, which depends on inode numbering on the host, so there's no guarantee that syncing multiple files at the same time will cause them to show up on the host at the exact same moment and not cause any 500 errors under any circumstances. I think that's what this task is asking for.

That would be accomplished by moving MediaWiki to scap3 which is covered in T114313 so declining this task.