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Move the old RfX tools to a separate dedicated ToolForge project
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RfX Analysis ( and RfX Vote Calculator ( were a bad fit for XTools to begin with. They are mostly specific to English and German Wikipedia and are very specialized (rather than general purpose) tools. They have not been migrated to the new Xtools (, nor should they be. Instead, we should move them to a new dedicated RfX ToolForge project (with the old Xtools branding and links removed). This will allow us to clean-out the old Xtools project and replace it with a simple set of redirects so that we no longer have 2 versions of Xtools.

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Re "They have not been migrated to the new XTools" that is inaccurate, they have already been migrated and are being refactored before being released.

Matthewrbowker moved this task from Backlog to Working on the XTools board.

Per discussion on IRC, I will be spinning up a seprate instance of XTools on Tool Labs with just rfa and rfap. Code will remain in the XTools repository for the time being.