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CL support for rolling out Performance Inspector
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1. What is the problem

The Performance team created an extension called Performance Inspector[1]. This extension, when enabled, allows the editor (or viewer) of a page to get details about a number of different factors that may influence the performance of the page, such as the number of javascript and CSS files being pulled in, where ResourceLoader modules were loaded from, image sizes, and timing and resource usage from the browser parser. T117411 has additional details about the motivations for the creation of this extension.

Currently the extension is enabled in Beta, and can be activated from the User Preferences/Beta Features tab. When enabled, it appears as an additional link in the "Tools" section of the links panel:

image.png (1×1 px, 281 KB)

We would like to roll this feature out to Production, but we aren't sure that the current implementation is ideal. In particular, we're wondering whether the addition of a link to the Tools section of the links panel is actually the ideal way to expose this to users, or if there's a better option.

2. What does success of this task look like?

In our view, success is either

  1. Confirmation that the current approach is fine; or
  2. Clarity about what a better approach would be.

Some help understanding any communication/notification expectations would also be appreciated.

3. Is there any goal/program/etc related to this request

T117411 as noted above. This is driven by the Performance team, in order to enable work that community members have been tackling independently.

4. What is your expected timeline? Is there any hard deadline?

There is no hard deadline. This extension has been in Beta for about 18 months now, so clearly there isn't a big rush to get this done.

With that said, work that's complete but not actually deployed is just tech debt, so it would be nice to close the loop.


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Thanks for filing the task. Will triage ASAP.

Hi. The main question is "how to invoke it, i.e. where to place the link that launches it, given that it has to appear in all pages directly" - We talked a lot about these aspects in T129322: How to invoke the performance inspector?. Rather than trying to summarize all of that as part of the discussion here, I'll boldly re-open that task and we can continue refining our understanding there?

Beyond that, here are the top questions I have:

  • Might need a built-in "Info/help" link. This probably depends on the "how to invoke" decision - i.e. if this ends up staying where it is and thus becoming a prominent part of the interface for everyone, then random people will click the link in the sidebar out of curiosity - thus we would need links to the info-page built in to the results overlay (e.g. opposite the cancel button).
  • What is the preferred end-user feedback location? The Help page ( points to the Extension_talk page. That's probably fine, but might lead to bug-reports about random "I thought it was a performance problem" issues being left there. This will also partially depend on the "how to invoke" decision (e.g. if we make it a normal preference, then it will probably need a feature-info link, like mediaviewer does.)
  • The help page might benefit from a screenshot or two, to show the expected/normal results. Otherwise people who are new to it, will have no context to compare the results to, in order to determine whether something is out of the ordinary. E.g. I assume these are normal, but I don't know:
    image.png (963×1 px, 126 KB)
    image.png (963×1 px, 168 KB)
    image.png (963×1 px, 212 KB)
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@Imarlier and @Peter there are a few open questions above. Please add your replies sometime this week. :-)

I've also just updated various bits of
I'll add a note to next week's Tech/News about the upcoming release, in a bit.

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Note, I'm still available to help with this, but waiting to hear updates on T117411#4304550 et al.

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Unassigned from self, but I'm still subscribed. Let me know when work resumes. :-)

Thanks Nick. After further consideration, we've changed the way that we're intending to do this, so this task is no longer relevant. Sorry I didn't close it out earlier.

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