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Phase out legacy IDs now that HTML5 IDs are deployed everywhere
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This ticket follows up the work done as part of T152540: Migrate to HTML5 section ids.

Wait for many years
Set $wgSectionFragmentFlavour to "html5"

Event Timeline

Probably the first step is to flip the DefaultSettings.php $wgFragmentMode from ['legacy','html5'] to ['html5','legacy'].

The comment for (2639f3350167a4331dfa6120b9a47c80b731f518) suggests this should be done for 1.35 LTS; we'd probably want to remove the deprecated $wgExperimentalHtmlIds around the same time (T139744: Remove $wgExperimentalHtmlIds (deprecated in 1.30)).

Note that we changed the default on WMF wikis to ['html5','legacy'] in 28a6ee5fc0b055125c0d6b036587f30a257b0ad0.

Cool anchors don't change.

Will all links using old anchors be updated? Even if the anchors are provided within full urls? What about links to a section from external pages?

Section links break all the time because unlike page redirects there's nothing to help old links work when users edit section headings. That being said, my take on timeline for this would be "look at the situation around this in 5 years".