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Exporting wiki (Special:Export) pages instability/high error rate
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Exporting pages may results on a failure, this is being investigated right now. While we do not have right now any advice regarding changing behaviours, we advice to check exports are successful until this is resolved, specially if done unattended by bots- a portion of those exports could be failing.

Right now only a single, not-logged-in user is probably affected on en.wikipedia around 1200 times in the last 12 hours, but it could affect in the future other users on other wikis, too.

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Not sure how relevant this is (since I can't see the parent task) but I have always thought that exports containing more than N revisions should be provided as an asynchronous download only, rather than a synchronous GET request as currently. However, MediaWiki completely lacks the infrastructure required to deliver such a feature.

@TTO The suggestion is relevant, although that should probably be a more long-term solution- as you said, no such a service exists right now, but it could exist if someone worked on it.

The parent task will be private/NDA only until we are sure all holes are at least patched/mitigated so people cannot just use the exact details there it to bring down the infrastructure (DOS).

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This is no longer happening since 19 Feb.